Blackjack iscasinosOne of the most popular games in the world, this game not only has easy to understand rules, but also tests the player's strategy and skill.Paradise CityAs one of Asia's top integrated resorts, we offer a comprehensive casino blackjack tutorial that makes it easy for even novice casino players to get started and learn how to win.

In this article, we'll take you on a deep dive into casino blackjack, from the basic rules to advanced card counting techniques that will help you win at Paradas!

Casino Blackjack for Beginners: Understand the rules of the game in 3 easy steps!

  1. Objective: Make your hand as close to 21 as possible, but no more. If you go over 21, you get a Bust!
  2. Calculate the value of the cards:
    • Counting Cards (2-10): Points are the numbers on the face of the card.
    • Heads (J, Q, K): 10 points for all.
    • Ace: Can be used as 1 or 11 points, the point that is most favorable to you.
  3. Game Flow:
    • The dealer deals each player two cards, one face up and one face down.
    • You can choose:
      • Want card (Hit): Keep taking cards until you are satisfied.
      • Suspension (Stay): No more cards, and match the dealer's size.
      • Double: Double your bet, but only take one more card.
      • Split (Split): If you get two cards with the same number of points, you can split them into two hands, bet on each and continue the game.
    • The dealer finally turns over the bottom card, and if the point count is less than 17, he must continue to ask for cards until the point count reaches 17 or more.
    • Than size: The player who is closest to 21 points and does not blow a card wins!
Casino. Blackjack.

Casino Blackjack Special:

  • Born 21 (Blackjack): If your first two cards are aces and tens, congratulations! You've been dealt a natural 21, which usually pays 1.5 times your odds.
  • Surrender: If your first two cards are low and you feel you have little chance of winning, you can choose to surrender and give up half of your betting amount.

Casino blackjack tips:

  • Remember the dealer's rules: A dealer with less than 17 points must take a hand, which can help you determine whether or not you want to continue to take a hand.
  • Make good use of basic strategies: There are many 21-point basic strategy charts available on the Internet that can help you make the best decisions.

Blackjack counting and hand signals: a must for beginners, easy to learn!

existBlackjack Point counting and hand signals are the basics of the game, and mastering these skills will allow you to excel at the tables.

Blackjack counting:

  • A (Ace): It can be either 1 or 11 points, and you can choose the number of points that is most favorable to you depending on your hand.
  • K, Q, J: All count as 10 points.
  • Numeric Cards (2-10): The number of points is the same as the number on the face of the card.
Casino blackjack.
ACE is counted as 1 or 11, K, Q, J (KING, QUEEN, JACK) are counted as 10, and all other cards are counted by the number on the label.

Learn about Blackjack, Soft Hand and how to win at the starting point!

Blackjack: If your first two cards are aces and tens, congratulations! You've been dealt a natural 21, which usually pays 1.5 times your odds.

Soft hand: If you have an ace in your hand and it can be used as an 11 without blowing up, this is called a "soft hand". For example, an ace and a six can be a 7 or a 17, which is a soft 17.

Basic Blackjack Signs

In order to play smoothly at the table, you need to learn the following basic gestures:

  • Hit: Tap the table to indicate that you want to take another card.
  • Stay: Spread your palm out and shake the back of your hand outward to indicate that you no longer want cards.
  • Surrender: Cross your fingers from left to right on the table to indicate that you forfeit the game and lose half of your bet.
  • Split : Place your index and middle fingers in a "V" shape on the table.
  • Double Down : Tap the gambling table with your index finger.
Basic Blackjack Signs
※ Basic Blackjack Signs: Demand, Stop, Surrender, Split, and Double.

Blackjack Process

01 Game Start and Licensing

  1. The dealer leads the betting and the game begins.
  2. The dealer will play the game according to the licensing rules.
    1. The player is dealt two cards and the dealer is dealt one open card.
    2. If the dealer's undercard is an ace, make the same bet and insure:
      • At this point, if it is Blackjack, the game is over.
    3. If the dealer's hand is not Born Blackjack, the player is asked whether to do the following:
      • Hit.
      • Stay (suspended)
      • Double Down
      • Split
      • If the player's hand exceeds blackjack, the player loses and the dealer recovers the amount of the bet.
    4. Handling of the dealer's opening hand:
      • If the dealer's initial two cards are 16 points or less, the hand is automatically called until it exceeds 17 points or more.
      • If the dealer's hand exceeds blackjack, the game ends and the player is paid the amount of the bet.
    5. Compare points:
      • If the dealer's hand does not exceed blackjack, it is compared to the player's hand for points.
      • A player who outspends the dealer pays the amount of the bet.
      • When a player's points are lower than the dealer's, the amount of the bet is withdrawn.
      • If the dealer and the player have the same number of points, the game ends without paying or withdrawing.

02 Player Bets

  1. Players may bet from 1 hand to 3 hands.
  2. After No more bets is called, all original bets and pairs are considered void.

03 Wager Amount Limit

  1. All bets are subject to table limits.
  2. Exceptions:
    • In the case of a Pair Bet, it is possible to instead raise an amount equal to the portion of the bet that has not been placed by another customer.

04 Special Circumstances

  1. If a sign indicating the end of a SHOE appears during the licensing process, then this round becomes the final round.

05 Game Error Handling

  1. Dealer errors that occur during the game will be handled in accordance with the specific case handling guidelines set forth by the casino.

Advanced Blackjack Play: Mastering Doubling, Splitting, Insurance and More!

Double Down

Double Stop is the option of raising an amount equal to or less than the original wager on the condition that only one card is called when the initial two cards are dealt.

Doubling Stop is a player option that is selected when the player is considered to have a high chance of winning. When the dealer asks for Hit, Stay's wish, call Doubling Stop or Double and push the amount of the raise to the left of the original wager amount, the dealer will help with this.


Blackjack Split

Splitting refers to the option of splitting two initial cards of the same number of points into two opposing hands for the game.

When the dealer asks for a Hit, Stay, the dealer will help by calling for a split and pushing the amount equal to the original bet to the left of the original bet. After splitting the cards into two separate cards, the game is played in the same manner as blackjack, via Hit, Stay.

If a card is dealt after a split and can be split again, it can be split up to 3 times. This means that the maximum number of hands that can be divided is 4.

10, J, Q, K can be split with the same value (10). A doubling stop call can bet up to the amount of the original wager, and conversely, splitting can only add the same amount as the original wager. When splitting an "A" hand, only one card is added, and the additional card is placed horizontally. After splitting, you may double down.

Even Money

For the same bet, the player has a natural blackjack, but the dealer's showing card is an "Ace". The dealer may also have a natural blackjack, and in order to avoid a tie, the player accepts the Even pay before the dealer opens the deck, and the winner is decided in advance.

When the dealer asks the player with Born Blackjack if he/she wishes to match the bet while the ace is showing, if the player accepts the match, the dealer pays 1x the amount and ends the game.

Players who do not select a parlay will draw if the dealer is a natural blackjack or pay 1.5x (Blackjack pay) if the dealer is not a natural blackjack.


Insurance means that the dealer's showing card is "A", so that if the dealer has a higher probability of being born with blackjack, and if the dealer is really born with blackjack, then the player will definitely lose, and in order to do so, make another bet (the limit is less than 1/2 of the original bet).

Blackjack. Insurance bets.

When the dealer is showing Aces and asks the player for insurance, the player who is betting with Insurance can bet up to half the amount of his original wager.

When the dealer is playing Born Blackjack: bets made without an Insurance bet are treated as failures; if an Insurance bet is made, the original bet is a failure, but the Insurance bet is a win, so the player receives twice the amount of the Insurance betting. Therefore, the player will receive twice the amount of the insurance betting. That is, the player can recover the amount of the original bet.
When the dealer is not a natural blackjack player: If only Insurance betting is handled as a failure, the dealer will take it back, and if there is no blackjack with the same amount of bets, the blackjack payout will be made and the game will be played normally.


Blackjack Limit

Limits are the minimum and maximum amounts that can be wagered on each table. There are two or more limits for each table to choose from.

Pair bet

When the initial two cards are dealt with the same number of points (One Pair), the customer who bets against the pair is paid 11 times the amount. If the player bets on a pair but does not have a pair, he/she will be paid back the amount of the pair. The cards next to the player's original betting base have a matching base.

May raise an amount equal to the amount of money not wagered by other customers participating in the game. As with 10 - J, J - K, Q - K, the point count is 0, but it is not a Pair, so it is not recognized.

Private Game Private VIP Room

Private Game, where the client invites himself or herself to play the game only with his or her own party if he or she so desires, provides an additional quiet space. In this case, a limit can be set, but it is usually higher than the normal desktop limit.

Private Game
Please ask the Floor Person at Paradas Casino for more information about Private Game.


Blackjack is not just a game of luck, but also a strategic battle of wits and courage. By understanding the rules of the game, point counting, the use of gestures, as well as advanced techniques such as doubling, splitting, and insurance, you will be able to dramatically increase your chances of winning, and enjoy the excitement and sense of accomplishment that blackjack brings.

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