Walking into the colorfulcasinosHave you ever had a problem with those colorful, large and smallChipsCurious?Casino ChipsIt is not only the common currency in the casino, but also represents the luck and hope of the gamblers.

This article will take you through a comprehensive look at the types of casino chips, their denominations, how they are used, and their importance in the world of gambling.

What are casino chips?

Casino ChipsChips are special tokens used in casinos as an alternative to cash and are usually made of clay or ceramic. The use of chips not only makes it easier for gamblers to carry and place bets, but also creates a unique atmosphere in the casino.

Casino Chips
Casino chips

Types of Casino Chips

There are many different types of casino chips and they are categorized according to denomination, material and design. The following are some common ways to categorize them:

Categorized by denomination:

  • Low denomination chips: Usually used for smaller bets, such as $1, $5, $10, and so on.
  • Medium denomination chips: Used for medium sized bets such as $25, $50, $100, etc.
  • High denomination chips: It is used for larger bets, such as $500, $1,000, $5,000, and so on. Some casinos even have higher denominations of chips, such as $10,000, $50,000 or even $100,000, for example.

Classification by material:

  • Plastic Chips: The most common material for chips, it is low cost and suitable for mass production.
  • Ceramic Chips: It has a better texture and heavier feel and is usually used for higher denomination chips.
  • Clay Chips: Made of clay with a nice texture, the most traditional and high-end casino chips.

By design:

  • Monochrome chips: The chips have a single color and are usually marked with numbers or words in different denominations.
  • Multi-colored chips: There are more than two colors on the chip code, so you can distinguish different denominations more clearly.
  • Chart Chips: Chips have a special pattern or logo on them and are usually used for specific casinos or events.
Types of Casino Chips
Different types of casino chips

Casino Chip Denomination

Casino chips come in a wide variety of denominations, ranging from low to high denomination, and will vary depending on the type of casino and game.

Common chip denominations:

  • Low face value: $1, $5, $10, $25, etc.
  • Mid-range quota: 50, 100, 500, etc.
  • High denomination: 1,000, $5,000, $10,000 and even higher. Some casinos will offer denominations as high as hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

Chips in casinos come in different denominations, ranging from as little as five dollars (round) to millions of dollars (square), with those exceeding $50,000 usually being rectangular in shape.

An indication of the denomination of the chip:

  • Figures: Numbers are printed directly on the chips to indicate the denomination, e.g., "1", "5", "100", etc.
  • Text: Use words to indicate the denomination, e.g., "one", "five", "one hundred", etc.
  • Color: Different denominations of chips are usually distinguished by different colors, such as white, red, blue, green, and so on.
  • Patterns: Some chips are printed with a special pattern or logo to represent the denomination.
Casino Chip Denomination
Different Casino Chip Denominations

Common Casino Chip Denomination and Color Comparison Chart

The denominations of chips used in casinos are clearly marked and are therefore unlikely to be confused. To make it easier to distinguish between them, the denominations are usually printed in bold and the name of the casino or different casinos may also be printed on each chip.

Casino Chip Denominations and Colors

Below are the chip colors used in most regular games and their corresponding denominations:

  • fig. reactionary1
  • red (color)5
  • green:: 25
  • ferrous: 100

There are many more types of chips used in large poker rooms or tournaments, including:

  • grizzly20
  • orange (color):: 50
  • Pink:: 250
  • violet (color):: 500
  • Yellow(sometimes in gray or orange): 1,000
  • Light Blue: 2,000
  • dark brown: 5,000

Please note that the color of the chips may vary slightly from one casino or poker room to another.

How do I use my casino chips?

  1. Redeem chips: Converting cash into chips at a casino cashier or table.
  2. Place your bets: Place your chips on the table where you want to bet.
  3. Winning chips: If you win, the dealer will pay out your winnings in the form of chips.
  4. Redeem cash: Convert your chips back to cash before leaving the casino.

Common Chip Terminology

  • Buy in. Code Change
  • Keep. save code
  • Rolling. encode
  • Cash Out: The act of converting chips into cash.
  • Color Up: Replace small-denomination chips with large-denomination chips for easy portability and management.
  • Front Money: Cash deposited in advance by the Player at the table for the purpose of exchanging chips.
  • Marker (credit limit): A line of credit offered by the casino to players with good credit that can be used to place bets.
  • Rake (pumping): The commission that the casino takes from each game.
  • Cage (cashier's desk): A place in a casino where chips are exchanged and cash transactions are handled.
  • Pit (Casino): An area of a casino that is divided into different gaming areas, usually consisting of multiple tables.
  • Floorperson (樓面主管): Casino staff responsible for overseeing the operation of the casino area and handling player disputes.
  • Shill (dark pile): An employee employed by a casino to pose as a player for the purpose of attracting other players to the game.
  • Table Stakes: The maximum and minimum bets allowed at the table.
  • Table Limit: The maximum amount of money that can be wagered at a table.
  • Minimum Bet: The minimum amount of money that can be wagered at a table.
  • Maximum Bet: The maximum amount of money that can be wagered at a table.
  • No Limit: A table with no maximum bet limit.

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Casino chips are an integral part of the gambling world. Understanding the types of chips, their denominations and how they are used will not only make you more comfortable in the casino, but will also give you a deeper insight into the culture of gambling.