Terms of Use for Paradas City

Section 1 Purpose

The purpose of these Terms of Use is to regulate the standards of use, commercial transactions, and the rights, obligations, and liabilities of users of the Internet-related services provided on the PALADAS KOREA CASINNET website (hereinafter referred to as the "Services").

Clause 2 Definitions

  1. "Paradas Korea Casino Website" is the official website of the online agent of Paradas Korea in Taiwan, which provides convenient transaction services through information and communication equipment, and allows customers to enjoy high-quality products and services.
  2. "User" means a person, registered or unregistered, who utilizes the Service on the PALADAS KOREA CASINO Website through these Terms.
  3. "Member: A person who provides personal information to the Paradas Korea Casino Website and redeems chips for the Korea Casino Website to continue to receive such information and to use the Service.
  4. "Non-Member": A customer who utilizes the services of the Palladium Korea Casino website without redeeming Korean casino chips.

Clause 3 Consent to Content Clauses and Amendments

  1. This website displays company information on the home page so that users can obtain relevant information. Users are required to read these terms and conditions on the connected screen.
  2. Important information about cancellation of orders, refund conditions, etc. may be provided on this website via a link or pop-up window.
  3. These Terms may be amended to the extent that they do not contravene applicable law.
  4. If these Terms are amended, the new terms and conditions will be announced seven days prior to the effective date, along with the reasons for the amendment. If the new terms may be detrimental to the user's interests, a grace period of at least thirty (30) days will be provided and a clear comparison between the old and new terms will be made.
  5. The new clauses will only apply to contracts after the effective date, and contracts before the effective date will remain in force according to the old clauses.

Clause 4 Provision and Variation of Services

  1. This website provides information on products and services, and accepts purchase contracts.
  2. If a product or service is changed, the changes will be announced in the same location on this website.
  3. In the event that a product or service must be changed because it is sold out or changed, the user will be notified with details.
  4. Under the above circumstances, this website will compensate users for their losses unless it is proved that the losses are not caused by this website.

Clause 5 Suspension of services

  1. This website may be temporarily suspended due to equipment failure or communication interruption.
  2. If the suspension of service may cause damage to the user or a third party, this website will compensate for the damage unless it is proved that the damage is not caused by this website.
  3. In the event that the service cannot be provided due to a change in business, merger, or other reasons, the user will be notified in accordance with these Terms of Use and will be compensated.

Section 6 Membership

  1. Users may apply for membership free of charge by filling in their personal information and agreeing to these terms and conditions at the designated location on this website.
  2. Membership in this site is granted only to qualified applicants.
  3. After redeeming Korean casino chips to become a member, you will automatically become an official Taiwan agent member and enjoy the corresponding Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond card and other related benefits.
  4. Membership is limited to those who are 19 years of age or older, while those under 19 years of age require the consent of a legal representative.
  5. When a member's information changes, he/she should immediately notify this website of the change.

Rule 7 Cancellation of Membership and Memberships

  1. Members can apply for cancellation of membership at any time, which will be processed immediately by this website.
  2. This website reserves the right to limit the use of the services or restrict the eligibility of members who meet certain conditions.
  3. If a member's eligibility is restricted or if he/she violates the rules again after suspension, this website has the right to cancel the membership.
  4. Upon cancellation of membership, it will lapse and no longer be entitled to membership benefits.

Clause 8 Member-related notices

  1. Notices to members of this website may be sent by e-mail or via the website.
  2. If notice is to be given to a large number of members, it will be announced on the website one week in advance and no individual notice will be given.

Article 9 Protection of Personal Information

  1. "The Paradas Korea Casino Site collects only the minimum amount of personal information necessary to fulfill a pre-order at the time the information is collected.
  2. The Paradas Korea Casino Web Site complies with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the collection of personally identifiable information from users.
  3. PARADISE KOREA CASINO WEBSITE may not use personal information for other purposes or provide it to third parties without the user's consent. Exceptions include:
    • Anonymized information provided in the course of statistical or academic research or market surveys.
    • Identity confirmation required during the commodity trading process.
    • Identity verification required to prevent fraud and other illegal activities.
    • The circumstances required by law to be provided.
  4. When obtaining consent from the user, "Paradas Korea Casino Site" will clearly inform the identity and contact information of the person in charge of information management, the purpose of information collection and use, and the circumstances under which the information will be provided to a third party in accordance with Article 22 of the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Usage. Users have the right to withdraw their consent at any time.
  5. Users may at any time request access to or correction of personal information maintained by PARADISE KOREA CASIN WEBSITE. Upon receipt of a user's request, PARADISE KOREA CASINES Web Site will process the request immediately.
  6. "PARADISE KOREA CASIN WEBSITE" will limit the number of people who can handle personal information in order to protect such information. The user is solely responsible for any loss, theft, or leakage of personal information such as credit card and bank account information.
  7. The PARADISE KOREA CASIN WEBSITE and third party recipients will destroy personal information as soon as the purpose for which it was collected has been accomplished.
  8. "PARADISE KOREA CASINES website does not imply that the user has given consent to the collection, use, and provision of personal information. We will clearly inform the user of the scope of services that may be affected if the user refuses to provide personal information, and will not limit or refuse to provide services due to the user's refusal to provide non-essential personal information.

Article 10 Obligations of the Paradas Korea Casino Website

  1. "PARADISE KOREA CASINS.COM will comply with the law, these terms and conditions, and provide continuous and stable goods and services without violating public order and morals.
  2. In order to ensure the safe use of the Internet services, Paradas Korea Casino Website must install and maintain the necessary security systems to protect the user's personal and credit information.
  3. According to the relevant advertising regulations, Paradas Korea Casino website is responsible for the content of inappropriate advertisements.
  4. "The PARADISE KOREA CASIN WEBSITE is prohibited from sending commercial advertising messages to customers who have specifically refused such messages.

Article 11 Obligations of Users Users of the PARADISE KOREA CASINES Website shall not engage in the following behaviors:

  1. Providing false information on an application or change.
  2. Stealing information from others.
  3. Change the information on the Paradas Korea Casino website.
  4. Transmit or post information other than that permitted by the PARADISE KOREA CASINES Web Site.
  5. Infringes on the intellectual property rights of Paradas Korea Casino Site or other third parties, including copyrights.
  6. Users are not allowed to copy, send, publish, distribute, broadcast, or otherwise use or make available the information to third parties for profit without prior approval.
  7. Damage the reputation or interfere with the business of Paradas Korea Casino Site or other third parties.
  8. Publish information that contains obscenity, obscenity, violence, or any other material that violates public order and morals.
  9. Engage in any other behavior that violates the law or is otherwise inappropriate in the opinion of PARADISE KOREA CASINES.

Section 12 Adjudicatory powers and governing law

  1. Electronic commerce litigation between PARADISE KOREA CASINS WEBSITE and users shall be governed by the address at the time of filing. If there is no address or the address is out of state, the Manhattan District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction.
  2. "The laws of the Republic of Korea shall apply to e-commerce disputes between PARADISE KOREA CASINES WEBSITE and users.