The South Korean reality love reality show "Single is Hell" has become a global sensation after its broadcast, and the dating scenes of the male and female guests on "Hell Island" and "Paradise Island" in the show have also touched the hearts of many viewers.

PARADISE HOTEL, Incheon, South Korea - Singles' Prison Setting
Being single is hell.

If you want to experience the romantic atmosphere of "Singleness is Hell", why don't you take a trip to Incheon, Korea and check out the following locations?

Korean Variety Show "Single is Hell" Main Filming Location : Incheon, Korea

The two main filming locations for the program, Hell Island and Paradise Island, are both located in Incheon.Hell Island is Sasangbongdo in Ungjin-gun, Incheon.It is an isolated and uninhabited island with pure natural beauty.Paradise Island is the five-star resort Paradise City in Incheon.The hotel has luxurious facilities and a romantic atmosphere.

The pristine natural scenery of Hell Island attracts many tourists to experience outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and fishing. Paradise Island's luxurious facilities make you feel like you're in paradise, enjoying a romantic dating atmosphere.

The popularity of 'Single or Hell' has made Incheon a synonym for romantic destinations. Many couples have chosen to travel to Incheon to relive the romance of the show.

Hell Island: Shashengfeng Island | Incheon Ungjin-gun

The main filming location of 'Hell is for Singles', 'Hell Island', has a 4-kilometer-long and 2-kilometer-wide beautiful beach and verdant greenery, which makes every aerial shot beautiful! In fact, this uninhabited island is a vacation spot, which is located in Incheon Ungjin-gun's Sasangbongdo.

Hell Island: Shashengfeng Island
Hell Island: Sasangbong Island in Ungjin-gun, Incheon

Hell Island is the place where the male and female guests are assigned to in the drama. There are no modern facilities such as electricity and running water on the island, so the guests have to cook their own food and are not allowed to disclose their personal information such as their age and occupation. Sasangbongdo is an uninhabited island in Ungjin-gun, Incheon, with a 4-kilometer-long sandy beach that is perfect for swimming and sunbathing.

If an ordinary traveler wants to go, he or she mustTake a ferry or private fishing boat from Incheon Coastal Terminal / Dafudo Ferry Terminal, and you can get there for as little as NT$350 with a group, or about NT$2,400 alone.The environment up there is just like what was described in the program. The environment up there is just like what the program said, with only a well and a toilet, the facilities are quite simple and you have to pay extra to use them.

Paradise Island: Paradiso Hotel | Incheon Yongjongdo

Incheon, Korea, has become a new hot spot for tourists due to the popularity of "Singles in Hell". Incheon Airport is located in the neighborhood of Incheon Airport.Paradise CityThe five-star luxury resort is the actual location of "Paradise Island" from the hit reality show "Singles or Hell".

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Paradise Island is the place where the male and female guests of the drama can go for a date after they have been successfully paired up. Located on Yeongjong Island in Incheon, Paradise Hotel is Korea's largest integrated resort with luxury hotels, casinos, amusement parks, and other facilities.

Paradise Island: Paradiso Hotel
Paradise Island: Paradise Hotel in Yeongjong Island, Incheon

In the movie, the guests enjoy all kinds of high-class facilities on Paradise Island, which makes people's hearts yearn for them. The guest rooms are also equipped with 24-hour food service and fine bedding, giving you the feeling of being in paradise. For more information about PARADISE, please visit our website [Map of Paradas] guide, see more hotel facilities.

Paradis HotelFacilities

PARADISE(Located in Incheon, Korea, Paradise City Resort offers a wide range of facilities and services for travelers, and the following is an introduction to its main facilities:

  1. Steam Curtain and Infinity Pool::
    • The SPA center has a steam room, sauna and hot tub.
    • The perfect environment to relax and find peace of mind.
  2. Large Casinos::
    • With an area of over 10,000 square meters, it is the largest casino in Korea.
    • Offers a wide variety of gambling games such as table games, slots and ETG games.
    • High-end nightclub, located in the resort.
    • The 1,500-square-meter dance floor features the world's top DJs.
    • Music styles abound, including EDM, Hip-Hop and House.
  4. Theme Park: Wonder Box (奇幻盒)::
    • It is equipped with more than 20 amusement facilities, including carousel, roller coaster and water slide.
    • Suitable for parents and children, providing a variety of entertainment experiences.
  5. Shopping Malls::
    • Over 200 stores offering apparel, cosmetics, jewelry, electronics and more.
    • Specialty stores abound, including traditional markets, duty-free stores and a children's playground.
  6. Art Gallery::
    • Showcases paintings, sculpture, photography and installation art.
    • Includes classic works by renowned artists from home and abroad as well as creations by emerging artists.
  7. Hotel Accommodation::
    • A variety of room types are available, including Deluxe Rooms, Suites and Pool Villas.
    • Deluxe rooms are cozy and quiet, suites are family-friendly, and pool villas are private.

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Being single is hell.Other Incheon Locations

It's also in the play.Incheon International Airport, Incheon Free Trade Zone, Yeongjong Island Marine ParkIncheon is a great place to visit. If you have time, you can also stop by these attractions to experience the charm of Incheon.

Incheon, Korea - Yeongjong Island Coastal Park
Incheon, Korea - Yeongjong Island Coastal Park

In addition to Hell Island, Paradise Island, Incheon International Airport and the Incheon Free Trade Zone, there are many other attractions in Incheon that are worth visiting, such as:

  • Yongzong Island: An island located on the west coast of Incheon with beautiful beaches and natural scenery.
  • Matsushima: An island located on the northern coast of Incheon with historic temples and castles.
  • Hiroshima Railway Park: Located in the southern part of Incheon, it is Korea's largest railroad park with a variety of trains and railroad facilities.

'Single is Hell': a romantic journey from program to reality

In Incheon, Korea, the charm of the TV show "Singles in Hell" is not only limited to the screen. The reality show has captivated millions of viewers with its unique plot and romantic dating scenes, and now you have the chance to experience the romance and adventure of the show by stepping into those scenes yourself.

From the pristine natural beauty of Sa Sung Fung Island to the luxurious experience of Paradis Hotel, each location carries a special memory from the program. You can experience the adventures and challenges of the show's guests on the island of Sa Sung Fung Island, while enjoying the same luxury services and amenities at the Palladium Hotel.

So why not embark on the journey of Singles Mean Hell for yourself? In2024 Korea TourismIn this program, you can not only experience the romance in the program, but also explore more unknown excitement in Incheon. If you want to experience the romantic atmosphere of Korea, why don't you take a trip to Incheon and check out these "Singles' Hell" locations?